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Water Resources / Disaster Risk Management

Accelerated growth of the world population, industrialization of emerging countries, and global warming… With this background, we encourage you to pursue the development and use of renewable, sustainable water resources together with us. You can also rely on us in the creation of disaster-resistant communities.

Water Supply & Sewerage

We work to enable people to drink safe water simply by opening a faucet whenever they want and to use clean toilets everywhere. In both tangible and intangible aspects, we help ensure that water, the source of life, circulates without polluting the environment in daily use.

Solid Waste Management

Garbage is a mirror of society. We suggest methods for collecting and processing garbage that are optimal for the characteristics of the area or society in which you live and your lifestyle habits based on tradition and culture. We will also help educate people to raise awareness of such methods.

Electric Power System and Plant

Electricity supports modern life. This energy is essential for the development of economies and industries. We support the stabilization of the electric power supplies, thereby contributing to the establishment of peace, improvement of the living environment, and economic revitalization.

Broadcasting & Communication

From the information needed in daily life to disaster information… Based on regional, national, and international strategies, we protect irreplaceable lives with wide-area telecommunications networks that combine telecommunication technologies and disaster prevention technologies.

Urban Development / Regional Development

Creating a society that is safe and secure for everyone… We aid self-help efforts and promote self-reliance to reduce poverty and establish peace, in the three aspects of individuals, organizations, and social systems.


Industrial facilities, educational facilities, public office buildings, and disaster-prevention facilities… We help promote community activities and the development of culture and economy by creating public facilities which make you truly happy.

PPP/Industrial Development and Promotion

For dramatic economic growth, the establishment of firm infrastructure for life, and industrial development… We help improve the quality of life by aiming for development projects under public-private partnerships. We are also engaged in activities aimed at narrowing social and economic gaps among people. Specifically, we help establish BOP businesses through activities that include the formulation of regional development plans that take advantage of the industrial characteristics of each area and the promotion of locally produced products.

Road / Bridge / Transport / Railways

Roads and railways are the most fundamental social capital for the well-balanced development of national lands and economies. We also believe it is an important mission for us as engineers to establish a firm transportation infrastructure to develop safe, secure towns. Every day, we make every possible effort to fulfill this mission.