1. Broadcasting and Communication

Broadcasting and Communication


Policy Assistance

YEC has executed a technical cooperation project in Nepal to promote peace building and democratization by improving the capacity of state-run Radio Nepal. Working with the Ministry of Information and Communications, Radio Nepal as well as Nepal Television, YEC prepared draft of media related policies and bills, strengthened the independence of the broadcasting station as a public broadcasting institution, and enhanced the capacity of the local staff to create programs.
YEC has been conducting technical cooperation projects in various areas of this sector to provide knowledge services all over the world.

Radio and TV Broadcasting

Master Control System Development:
Project for Improvement of Equipment of Bhutan Broadcasting Service Corporation (Bhutan)

YEC has been conducting projects both in radio and television broadcasting, not only by providing equipment and facilities through creating studios and transmitting networks, but also by providing solutions to the social and economic issues using the media such as bridging the digital divide, providing access to education and emergency information.

Digital Terrestrial TV Broadcasting

Debrief Session to the Cabinet:Study on the Strengthening of Public Broadcasting Center and the Establishment of Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting Network (Paraguay)

YEC has been active in the area of digital terrestrial television broadcasting since ISDB-T has been adopted in South America. YEC has been conducting projects all over the world to examine appropriate schemes to support smooth and efficient digital migration with the proposal of the formulation of platform and all other items necessary.

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