1. Electric Power System and Plant

Electric Power System and Plant



  • Securing a stable power supply by designing Projects for diesel engine generators.
  • Designing Projects for Micro-Grid system to install a large proportion of renewable energy into a small grid.


132kV Transmission Line:Project for Reinforcement of Transmission and Distribution Facilities in Oyster Bay Substation (Phase I).(Tanzania)
  • Reinforcing and extending the transmission lines and distribution networks.
  • Improving the quality and reliability of power supply.

Distribution (Rural Electrification)

Rural Electrification Project for Rural Electrification(Ghana)
  • Designing substations and distribution lines in rural areas in order to stabilize the supply of electricity.
  • Implementing rural electrification by utilizing solar energy.


Project for Reinforcement of Power Distribution in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania)
  • Reinforcing Substations.
  • Designing distribution lines for new, existing, and expanded substations.

Other Sevices