1. Water Resources / Disaster Risk Management

Water Resources / Disaster Risk Management


Water Resources

  • Technology transfer projects and development studies inthe fields of water resources investigation
  • Water resources management and development plans
  • 3D (Three-dimensional) water resources analysis
  • Investigations into ways of using reclaimed sewage

Flood Control

Flood in Jakarta: Urban Flood Control System Improvement in Selected Cities (Indonesia)
  • Technology transfer projects in the fields of river improvement and flood control plans
  • Climate change simulation
  • Flood analysis
  • Investigation of structural measures against floods (e.g.,dams, reservoirs, and revetments)
  • non-structural measures (e.g.,early warning systems)

Disaster Risk Management

  • Feasibility Study and demand surveys through disasterprevention information systems to improve the capability of disaster prediction
  • Flood forecasting systems
  • Installation of early warning systems
  • Public awareness activities for disaster prevention incommunities
  • Enhancement of disaster management
  • Risk assessment and development guidelines for eachdisaster risk management plan

Sabo / Sediment Control

  • Technology Transfer projects related to structural measures(Sabo-dam: sediment-control dam)
  • Non?structural measures (Early warning and evacuationsystems)
  • Restoration of damaged infrastructure
  • Decrease in reservoir capacity (due to harmful sedimentation)
  • Comprehensive river basin sediment management plan forreservoir sedimentation
  • Reduction plan
  • Sediment disaster mitigation plan

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