1. Terms of Use

Terms of use

Terms of use and copyright notice of this web site

1.Copyright notice

The content of this website without a source or reference notice is copyrighted by the author and protected by copyright law. YEC prohibits the duplication or reference of the content of this website for private use without permission unless otherwise stated in copyright law. Duplication or reference of the content of this website beyond private use requires permission from Yachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd. (YEC).

2.Exemption from liability

In no event will YEC be liable to you and/or any party for any direct or indirect damages of any kind resulting from any action carried out using the content or information on this website.

3.Website links

When you link to YEC’s website, state clearly that the link is to “the website of Yachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd.” Any links from websites intended for uses that are commercial, illegal and/or against public order and the standards of decency, unless otherwise clearly stated, are prohibited. YEC reserves the right to change or withdraw the content and/or URL of its website without prior notice. If you wish to link to YEC’s website, notify YEC through the “contact us” page.

  • Name of organization such as corporation, schools, etc.
  • Name of the responsible party
  • Email address
  • The URL from which you wish to link to YEC’s website
  • The URL to which you wish to link

4.YEC’s liability for websites to which YEC has linked

YEC shall not be held liable for the content of any linked website or the reliability, lawfulness, copyright or accuracy of such content.

5.Applicable laws and jurisdiction

The terms of use of this website and the validity, interpretation, and application of this website shall be governed in accordance with the laws of Japan. Any dispute or controversy among YEC, users, and/or third parties arising out of or in connection with this website and these Terms of Use shall be submitted to the Tokyo District Court in Tokyo, Japan as the Court of first instance unless otherwise expressly mentioned herein.

6.Contact information

Send comments or inquiries about this website and Yachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd. by filling out the form on the “Contact us” page. When you are not sure who to contact, call the General Affairs Section of the Administration and General Affairs Division.