Energy Management

Carbon Management with
Renewable Energy


In the push to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, companies are expected to reduce their CO2 emissions, and corporate valuations are now being directly tied to green corporate activities. We have experience consulting for multiple national and local governments, as well as in our own renewable energy projects (power generation and heat supply). Drawing on our expertise, we offer solutions tailored to our customers' diverse needs for carbon management from both energy saving and creation aspects, including carbon reduction measures and energy usage efficiency.

Our Services

Energy Consulting

We provide solutions to meet various customer issues, including determining current CO2 emissions, evaluating the effects of reducing CO2 emissions, and proposing energy-saving measures and measures to utilize unused renewable energy. This enables us to provide one-stop support, from corporate target setting to discussing measures to realize those targets, conducting feasibility studies and demonstration tests for implementing measures, and monitoring after implementation.

Carbon Management

・Determine and visualize current CO2 emissions (current electricity and heat energy usage)
・Discuss and evaluate feasibility of various CO2 reduction measures
・Set CO2 reduction targets
・Propose monitoring methods after implementation of measures
・Support for information dissemination and brand value improvements

Renewable Energy Solutions

・Discuss and propose measures to utilize unused energy
・Development support for utilizing renewable energy
・Cost-benefit verification of introducing renewable energy
・Support for renewable energy introduction and commercialization
・Verification testing/design support

Technical Due Diligence

・Impartial third-party project appraisal for project implementation
・Advising on project issues and solutions
・Comprehensive evaluation from three directions: Technical evaluation, risk evaluation, and financial evaluation

Environmental Impact Assessment

・Environmental impact assessment related to laws and regulations for power generation projects from renewable sources such as wind, solar, hydro, biomass, and waste
・Environmental surveys, forecasting and evaluation, and other studies related to renewable energy

Introduction Record
A certain biomass power generation company
Received an order for technical research for the biomass power generation business
A certain fund company
Received an order for technology research work in the power generation business of solar power, geothermal power, hydropower, etc.