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Private information protection policy

We understand that properly managing private information is a social obligation. Therefore, we comply with laws and regulations on private information protection and have established the following private information protection policy. We are determined to educate all of our employees so that they pay the utmost attention to managing private information and ensure continued efforts.

1.Collecting and using private information

Clearly state the purpose for using private information, collect it legally and fairly, and use it within the limits of the agreed purpose.
*Click here to view our purpose of use for private information.

2.Managing private information

We secure the safety and accuracy of private information by implementing the necessary and proper protection against hacking, loss, destruction, inappropriate alteration and leakage of private information.

3.Providing private information

We never disclose nor provide private information to others unless 1) we have the consent of the owner, 2) we outsource the handling of the data while taking proper protection actions, and 3) we are allowed to do so by law.

4.Ongoing improvement of private information protection, management structure, and framework

We will make continuous efforts to improve the management and framework of private information protection.

5.Inquiries about private information

We make concerted efforts to respond appropriately to inquiries from the owners of private information regarding the purpose of use or disclosure of information as well as requests for the correction, cessation of usage, or deletion of information and for the cessation of outsourcing.