An innovation on maintenance
management using AI


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data can contribute to a lot of aspects, from labor reduction, handling of the field, evaluation of facilities, information sharing, coordination, decision making, maintenance and management, development of social infrastructure, local government management, and Japan’s way of life. With the realization of Digital Twin, the performance of civil engineering will be virtually verified, and social infrastructure development will be transformed from Civil Engineering 1.0 to Civil Engineering 2.0, and the future will be supported by completely new civil engineering technology. The first step is to innovate, starting with “maintenance and management”, which has apparently become a social problem.

Our Services

Detecting deterioration of concrete revetments
in rivers using Deep Learning

Heading into the future, social infrastructure will increasingly deteriorate and so their appropriate maintenance and management are required. However, as the population declines, the number of engineers involved in social infrastructure is also decreasing. For this reason, it is necessary to efficiently maintain social infrastructure by utilizing new technology. One of such is GoganGo, which can detect deterioration of river concrete revetments.

Deterioration detection service by GoganGo

・ Simply input image data of the river concrete revetment into the GoganGo interface to detect deterioration of such
・ Relative deterioration priorities for the entire river section are sorted based on the deterioration information

AI Consultant

・ Implementation of Proof of Concept (PoC) for the application of AI technology to social infrastructure issues
・ Development of AI application systems for social infrastructure issues
・ Provision of information and lecturers on AI technology
・ Holding of lectures and seminars on AI

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