Increase productivity in infrastructure
management by 30%.


The realization of a sustainable region requires improved productivity in infrastructure management in order to ensure the safety and security of the infrastructure with limited personnel and budget. We provide cloud services to support your daily management and inspection of infrastructure, as well as consulting services that are tailored to your needs, to help you save labor and improve efficiency in your business.

Our Services

Solutions that match with the needs in the field

Our "i-MASTER" is a cloud service that uses smartphones to support daily management and inspection of roads, rivers, etc. developed through joint research with local governments. It employs a system with convenient functions that address the actual problems and worries administrators face, and its operability has also been realized through practical use in the field.

Service Effect ①: Reliable task management and data management

・Visualization of the status of a large number of tasks (e.g. completed or pending tasks)
・Real-time information sharing and smooth decision making between offices and sites
・Steady data accumulation and sharing through conventional administrative procedures

Service Effect ②: Increased efficiency of various actual work (labor saving)

・Zenrin map function (instantaneous search and acquisition of location information)
・Automatic acquisition function of route name and distance markers
・Smartphone applications (GPS, voice input, predictive conversion of terms, etc.)

Service Effect ③: Improved maintenance management based on accumulated data

・ Visualization of various conditions and trends in the region
・ Data output that is available to aggregation and analysis for feedback to maintenance management

Other services

・Three price plans to meet your needs
・Free update of system functions
・Annual briefing sessions on system operation for users
・Free service to support your decision for full-scale introduction (up to 1 year free trial)

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