1. Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

YEC's Management Philosophy

Yachiyo Engineering Co.,Ltd. carries out business activities in full compliance with the national and international business operation laws under a transparent management system.

Anti-Corruption & Bribery Declaration

As a consulting engineer, YEC is committed to the social capital improvement of developing countries, and many of those projects are under Official Development Assistance (ODA).
YEC is thus involved in highly public projects which are implemented based on the trust of each recipient country and international society. It is the most basic principle of management that such a company should have high ethical standards and ensure compliance with laws and regulations.
Accordingly, YEC strictly observes laws and regulations based on its Corporate Code of Conduct, which was established in April 2005, and the Comprehensive Compliance Manual (established in July 2010), a more specific version of the Corporate Code of Conduct. These rules require YEC to fulfill its responsibilities appropriately in terms of respect for humanity, harmony with society and environmental considerations and to engage in sound corporate activities with high ethical standards. YEC is also strengthening its internal control under these rules.

Here, YEC declares once again that it will not engage in any conduct which falls under bribery of public officials, etc. (including politicians, administrative officers, staff members of public organizations, employees of state-owned companies and so on). At the same time, YEC requests that its business partners take the same measures.

  1. YEC will ensure compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) of the United States, the Unfair Competition Prevention Act of Japan, the related laws and regulations of countries where YEC works, and the guidance of donors, including the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).
  2. YEC will not provide public officials, etc. with benefits, such as money, gifts, and entertainment, or bear expenses which should be borne by public officials, etc. with an improper intent, such as the expectation to receive favorable treatment concerning the company’s business.
  3. YEC will develop highly transparent, sound relationships with public officials, etc. and will not engage in any acts that lead to suspicions of collusion.

Compliance Policy

YEC has set the following policies:

1. Code of conduct

As part of its corporate philosophy, YEC is committed to broadly contributing to society as a good partner for customers and the nation, becoming a high skilled engineering group and comprehensive consultant that supports local and international infrastructure. In order to balance operational efficiency/competitive advantages and humanity/society at a higher level, YEC has established the following code of conduct from the perspective of the aforementioned corporate philosophy and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility):

  1. Sound corporate activity
  2. Respect for humanity
  3. Harmony with society
  4. Preservation of the global environment
  5. Responsible management

Under this code, all employees, as members of the company, share a sense of solidarity, and YEC not only complies with laws, but plays a large role in respecting humanity, maintaining harmony with society, and caring for the environment. YEC will proceed in its efforts to change ways of thinking by maintaining a strong sense of ethics in order to carry out sound corporate activities.

2. Enact a comprehensive compliance manual

YEC has put together a manual outlining important procedures that should be followed when carrying out business activities. YEC is required to “make ethical decisions based on conscience.” YEC requires all employees to ask themselves about the appropriateness of their actions from the point of view of an impartial third party. YEC believes the foundation of business is fairness and is determined to fulfill its mission to enrich society.

3. Set basic policies for internal controls

YEC not only complies with the law but also practices business with respect for social and business ethics in order to improve its corporate value and ensure the sustainable development of the company. To accomplish this goal, YEC has set “basic policies for internal controls” that build fair, transparent, trustworthy, and efficient internal controls.

4. Privacy policy

YEC considers the appropriate management of private information a corporate and social responsibility. The Company complies with laws and rules for private information protection, sets corporate policies for private information protection and ensures that all employees, from top to bottom, manage private information with care and determination.

5. Corporate ethics helpline

As a whistle-blowing system, YEC has set up both an internal (help line) and external (corporate lawyer) helpdesk to prepare related rules and implement them. YEC sets privacy as its first priority and keeps inquirers’ information confidential. The Company protects the whistle blowers from any retaliation actions, and bans any person who may take such action. The Company investigates such cases from an objective and fair stand point and take necessary actions swiftly.


  1. Corporate ethics helpline
  2. Human resources treatment helpline
  3. Harassment helpline
  4. Structure external to the company

Quality and Environmental Policy

YEC has established respect for humanity and business operations with full employee participation as its foundation. The corporate philosophy of the Company is to contribute to society and to develop its business by providing engineering excellence. YEC aims to improve its product quality and customer satisfaction levels, maintain and produce a sound and rich environment, and contribute to the health and cultural lives of people through its business practices. As one of these practices, YEC effectively and efficiently operates a comprehensive quality and environment management system in the following manner. The Company reviews processes regularly, and implements results to continuously improve the system. Moreover, YEC trains all of its employees on quality and environmental policies to fulfill policy targets. YEC also reviews and updates policies regularly and whenever necessary to meet both local and international changes.

Quality Policy

  1. Provide services that satisfy customer needs and earn their trust.
  2. Carefully develop an understanding of customer needs and reflect them in business by maximizing operational and human resources efficiency and by confirming customer satisfaction levels.
  3. Carefully carry out business processes, checks and verifications.
Obtained quality management system (ISO9001)

Environmental Policy

  1. Pay careful attention to environmental impact in the course of business
  2. Comply with environmental laws and rules.
  3. Save energy and reduce CO2 emission levels through environmental activities carried out by the head office and local offices.
  4. Procure environmentally sound equipment and stationary.
Obtained environment management system (ISO14001)

Information Security Policy

Basic philosophy

YEC carries out business activities by effectively using state of the art information technology and information communication methods. In every aspect of business, YEC actively engages in information security and securely protects personal, corporate and organization information assets obtained through business activities. Properly securing information is an ongoing business issue. Therefore, YEC executes information security management based on the following policies.

Basic policy

  1. YEC actively engages in information security in order to prevent information leaks, hacking, inappropriate alteration, destruction, loss, theft and improper usage.
  2. YEC understands and abides by the practical, legal, regulatory and contractual obligations of security.
  3. YEC pays due attention to information property at all time.
  4. YEC has established and maintains ISMS (Information Security Management System) to secure customer trust and risk management of information properties.
  5. YEC assesses the risk of information assets at all times and continuously improves the ISMS.
    Obtained the information security management system (27001)
ISMS basic policy
Obtained the information security management system (27001)