Corporate Governance

Corporate Structure

As a company aimed at contributing to the betterment of society, we continuously strive to strengthen our corporate governance, improve management transparency, adapt promptly to changes in the business environment, and enhance our unique values.

Corporate Code of Conduct

The Management Philosophy of Yachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd. is aimed at contributing to society as a good partner for its client and the people of the world, and as an engineering consulting firm of highly skilled and competent professionals. Considering the company's Management Philosophy and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the Corporate Code of Conduct was established, as described below, to achieve the balance between pursuance of management efficiency and competitiveness, and respect of humanity. Under this Code, every staff of the company shares a sense of unity and complies with the laws, as well as realizes their roles of respecting humanity, harmonization with society, consideration of the environment, and following a high standard of ethics.

1.Fair Corporate Activities

[Compliance with Laws]

We comply with the laws inside and outside Japan regarding corporate management and conduct fair corporate activities.

[Open Competition and Earning the Client's Trust]

Based on fair and open competition, we promptly provide services that meet social needs, and earn the trust of our clients.

[Maintaining and Improving the Technical Level]

We strive to maintain and improve our unique technologies and quality of work, contribute to society, and meet our clients' requirements with high level of expertise.

[Relationship with Governments]

We maintain a fair and transparent relationship with governments.

[Anti-Social Forces]

We do not have any relationship with anti-social forces or groups that pose a threat to social order or safety.

[Maintaining Neutrality and Independence]

We maintain our neutrality and independence as a construction consultant and do not have any stake in construction companies or construction-related manufacturers that may result in bias and conflict of interest.

[Relationship with Partners]

We enter into fair contracts with our partners and clients, respect each other's position, and maintain a relationship built on trust.

[Proper Information Management]

We properly manage the client's confidential and personal information acquired through our corporate activities, prevent leakage and unauthorized disclosure, and take all measures to manage and uphold intellectual property rights.

2.Respect for Humanity


We respect humanity and do not tolerate any discrimination or harassment.

[Improving the Workplace Environment and Respect for Individuality]

We aim to become a human-centered company, provide a healthy, safe, and comfortable workplace, and respect each employee's personality and individuality.

3.In Harmony with Society

[Build a good relationship with society]

We promote a harmonious relationship with society and build a good relationship with the local community and stakeholders, including shareholders, clients, and users by actively promoting social contribution activities and fulfilling our responsibility as good corporate citizens. And we respect other culture and customs around the world, and strive to contribute to the development of other societies and countries.

4.Conservation of Global Environment

[Addressing Environmental Issues]

We recognize the need to address environmental issues as a requirement for all our corporate activities, reducing the impact on the global environment, and contributing to a more sustainable society.

5.Management Responsibilities

[Management Attitude]

The management recognizes their responsibility of realizing the company's code of business conduct, implementing an effective organizational structure, promotion of education and training programs, and ensuring compliance of corporate ethics.

[Recurrence Prevention and Strict Actions]

In case of a violation of this Code, the management expresses a stance on resolving the case with leadership internally and externally, and shall strive to investigate the cause and prevent recurrence.After disclosing information to the public and fulfilling our accountability efficiently and accurately, as well as clarifying the responsibilities and authorities, we shall implement strict sanctions based on deliberations of the Board of Directors for directors, and based on the company's rules of employment for employees.

Declaration of Anti-Corruption & Bribery

As a engineering consulting firm, Yachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd. is committed to the improvement of social infrastructure in developing countries, and many of those projects are under Official Development Assistance (ODA).
We are thus involved in highly public projects which are implemented based on the trust of each recipient country and international development organization. It is the most basic principle of management that such a company should have high ethical standards and ensure compliance with laws and regulations.
Accordingly, we strictly observe laws and regulations based on our Corporate Code of Conduct, which was established in April 2005, and our Comprehensive Compliance Manual (established in July 2010), a more detailed version of the Corporate Code of Conduct. These rules require Yachiyo Engineering and all of its members to fulfill its responsibilities appropriately in terms of respect for humanity, harmony with society, and environmental considerations, and to engage in sound corporate activities with high ethical standards. Our internal controls are also strengthened under these rules.

Here, Yachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd. declares once again that it will not engage in any conduct which falls under bribery of public officials, including politicians, administrative officers, staff members of public organizations, employees of state-owned companies, and so on. At the same time, we request that our business partners take the same measures.

1. We will ensure compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) of the United States, the Unfair Competition Prevention Act of Japan, the related laws and regulations of countries where we work, and the guidelines of international development organizations, including the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

2.We will not provide public officials with benefits, such as money, gifts, and entertainment, or bear expenses which should be borne by public officials with an improper intent, such as the expectation to receive favorable treatment concerning the company's business.

3.We will develop highly transparent, sound relationships with public officials and will not engage in any acts that lead to suspicions of collusion.

Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

We formulated our BCP to protect the safety and employment of our employees and their family members, minimizing the impact on business execution, and earning the trust and realizing the needs of our clients. Considering the safety and well-being of our employees and their family members as the top priority for continuing our business, we introduced a "safety confirmation system" (in order to confirm their safety). We provide training to our employees on communication utilizing multiple channels such as satellite phones and online tools in the event of a disaster. We have established an operational system in the event of a disaster, bearing in mind the saying, "if we can't do in normal times, we can't do at the time of a disaster either".

BCP practice held in 1997