Business Sustainability

For all environmental issues,
from climate change to natural capital


Climate change measures are now essential for sustainable corporate growth. Further, in recent years it has become expected of companies to go beyond climate change to support natural capital (sustainability) through water and biodiversity.
Still, natural capital is extremely complex to evaluate and approach, and requires specialized knowledge to properly assess risk and identify opportunities. We continue to support sustainable growth with our expertise and experience gained from more than 60 years of working with the natural sciences.

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Our Services

We present the facts through a professional lens, based on the natural sciences

Our sustainability support primarily focuses on the themes of climate change, water risk, biodiversity, and resource recycling. For each of these themes, we provide support centered on research and assessment, policy and strategy development, and information disclosure. In addition to these, we also provide various support in line with your issues and needs, including corporate branding based on survey results, support for collaboration with other companies, communities, and governments, and more.

Support for policy and strategy formulation

▶Climate change risk and opportunity analysis for Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) response
▶Formulation of environmental action guidelines in view of Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) and Science-Based Target Network (SBTN) response
▶Support for setting Science-Based Targets (SBTs) and net zero targets
▶Formulation of strategy accounting for water risk assessment results and impact level on business

Climate change/natural capital assessments and surveys

▶Scope calculations (Scope 1/2/3)
▶Research, analysis, and assessment of the relationship between biodiversity and corporate activities
▶Water risk assessment for direct operation and supply chains
▶Waste composition surveys

Disclosure Assistance

▶Assistance answering inquiries on CDP (climate change, water security, forestry), DJSI, etc.
▶Develop and support for actions to improve CDP scores
▶Support for GRI304 disclosures


▶Support for calculation and minimization of environmental load through LCA
▶Carbon offset support, from calculating carbon emissions to collecting and organizing trading market data
▶Support in building BCM/BCP, including flood risk
▶Collaborative support with NPOs, civil society organizations, and experts