Public - Private Partnership

In giving importance to taxpayers,
Public-Private Partnerships can be
realized successfully


We give utmost importance to the taxpayers in creating a public service system. In addition to cost saving, we work to create a public service system for in which the public sector, the private sector, and the citizens play their respective roles appropriately, with consideration given to quality improvement and sustainability of services.

Our Services

Feasibility study and advisory services for the introduction of PPP

In order to promote PPP projects, it is necessary to fully understand the issues faced by both the public and private sectors, conduct careful market research and project income and expenditure simulations, and establish a project scheme that is a win-win for both sides. We play the role in administrative and fiscal reform, particularly in projects utilizing public property/ land (projects that combine public and private facilities). We have realized many projects that not only reduce expenditures but also generate income by making use of public land.

Basic Plan / Feasibility Study for PPP Introduction [for Public Sector Client]

・ Formulation of basic concept or basic plan
・ Conduct of feasibility study
・ Development of business scheme by conducting market research and supporting the calculation of business income and expenditure (VFM)
* Including support for simple calculations / models

Advisory Services [for Public Sector Client]

・ PPP advisory
* We support various PPP schemes/approaches such as private finance initiative (PFI), design-build-operate (DBO), design-build (DB), early contractor involvement (ECI), designated manager recruitment, and various public offering procedures for private companies.
・Comprehensive private sector outsourcing/ procurement advisory
* We provide support for various outsourcing/procurement procedures, from the preparation of public request for bid proposals, to evaluation and selection of business operators and contract signing.

Monitoring Support [for Public Sector Client]

・We support monitoring at each stage of the PPP project, from design, maintenance management and operation.
・We support monitoring during the implementation phase of comprehensive private sector outsourcing, identify issues, and propose improvement measures.

Business Management [for Private Sector Client]

・ We provide services for the smooth promotion of a PFI project from the proposal stage to the end of the project, including preparation of business plan, support on contract management/ execution, and SPC management and operation.

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