Social Media Usage Management Policy

Yachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company" or "we/us") has established and complies with the following social media usage management policy (hereinafter referred to as the "Management Policy") for operating the Company's official accounts on social media.

Purpose of social media usage

We use various types of social media for the purpose of informing our many stakeholders and social media users about the Company and our products and services, and to build better relationships with them.

Approach for social media usage (basic policy)

We use social media based on the following approach:

  • • We act with integrity to earn the trust of our clients by complying with all laws and regulations, our management philosophy, and our own internal rules and regulations.
  • • We use social media sensibly and in moderation with the understanding that information transmitted on social media and elsewhere online can be accessed by many and unspecified users, and once transmitted, cannot be completely deleted.
  • • We understand that the content and delivery of the information we transmit has an impact on society, and thus act responsibly in transmitting information and responding, taking care not to transmit incorrect information or cause misunderstandings.
  • • We respect the rules and etiquette of all social media platforms.
  • • We respect the rights of third parties and are careful not to defame them.
Personal information

We handle personal information that we obtain in compliance with our Privacy Policy.

Intellectual property rights

Copyrights, trademark rights, likeness rights, and other intellectual property rights for images, videos, and other content posted by us on the Company's official accounts belong to us or third parties that have permitted us to use their content. Please refrain from using (including duplicating, reproducing, uploading, selling, etc.) such content without obtaining our permission, except in cases where use is permitted under the Copyright Act or other laws and regulations. All rights and responsibilities pertaining to comments and the like posted by users on the pages, channels, and the like of the Company's official accounts belong to the users, unless they violate the terms of use set out by the social media platform operators. However, by posting comments and the like on the Company's official accounts, users are regarded as having granted the Company perpetual rights to use such comments and the like worldwide, regionally, and in all areas free of charge and non-exclusively, and having agreed not to exercise authors' personal rights against the Company.