Privacy Policy

We understand that proper management of personal information is a social obligation. We comply with the laws and regulations on personal information protection in Japan (hereinafter referred to as the "Law"), and have established the following personal information protection policy. We are determined to educate all of our directors and employees so that they pay the utmost attention to managing personal information and strive to protect them.

 Established July 11, 2005
            Final revision April 1, 2022

Yachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd.

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1.Collection and using personal information

We clearly state the purpose of using personal information, collect them in a legal and fair manner, and use them within the scope of the purpose of use.

2.Company name, address, name of representative

Company name: Yachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd.
Address: CS Tower, 5-20-8 Asakusabashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-8648
Name of representative: TAKAHASHI Tsutomu, President and CEO

3.Compliance with related laws and guidelines

We will handle personal data properly in compliance with the Personal Information Protection Law, other related laws and regulations, and the guidelines established by the Personal Information Protection Commission. ※In this context, personal data means personal information that constitutes a personal information database. A personal information database is a collection of information including personal information, and is systematically organized so that specific personal information can be retrieved.

4.Purpose of use of personal information

The purposes for which we use personal information are listed in the Appendix. We will not use personal information for any other purposes, except with the consent of the person concerned or as permitted by law. In addition to this policy, we may make public announcements or notify the purpose of use of personal information on a case-by-case basis.

5.Provision of personal data to third parties

We will not provide personal data to third parties, except with the consent of the individual or as permitted by applicable law.

6.Matters concerning safety management measures

We will take necessary and appropriate safety management measures in the handling of personal data, such as prevention of leakage, loss or damage. In addition, we will exercise necessary and appropriate supervision to employees and contractors who handle personal data. The security management measures for personal data are separately stipulated in the "Personal Information Handling Regulations" and other internal regulations, and are mainly as follows.

(1)  Formulation of basic policy
 ・ In order to ensure the proper handling of personal data, we have formulated this policy regarding "Compliance with related laws and guidelines," "Matters concerning safety management measures," "Contact for questions and complaints," etc.
(2)  Establishing regulations regarding the handling of personal data
 ・ We have established "Personal Information Handling Regulations" which cover the rules and methods for handling personal data, the responsible persons and their duties, etc.
(3)  Organizational safety management measures.
 ・ In addition to establishing an organizational structure for implementing security control measures, such as appointing a person responsible for handling personal data, we have established a system for demarcating the roles and scope of personal data handled by employees, and a system for reporting violations of the Personal Information Protection Law or personal information handling regulations when such violations are detected. In the event that a violation of the Personal Information Protection Law or Personal Information Handling Regulations is detected, a reporting system to the person in charge of handling personal information is in place.
 ・ We conduct periodic inspections of the status of personal data handling, and we have appointed a person in charge of conducting audits.
(4)  Human safety management measures
 ・ We regularly educate our employees on matters to keep in mind when handling personal information.
 ・ We have confidentiality provisions regarding personal data in our work rules.
(5)  Physical safety management measures
 ・ We have measures in place to prevent unauthorized persons from viewing personal data by securing areas where personal data is handled and controlling employee access to such areas.
 ・ We manage devices, electronic media, documents, etc., that handle personal data to prevent theft or loss, and take preventive measures such as leakage when transmitting personal data.
(6)  Technical safety management measures
 ・ We limit the information systems and devices that can handle personal information databases, etc., and also limit the employees who can use such information systems and devices.
 ・ We have introduced a mechanism to protect information systems and devices that handle personal data from external unauthorized access or unauthorized software.

7.Request for disclosure of retained personal data, etc.

If there is a request for disclosure, correction, suspension of use, and erasure of the retained personal data (personal data held by the company for which we have the authority to disclose), we will respond to the request after confirming the requesting person through the prescribed procedure. Please contact the contact point indicated in Section 9 of this policy.
As a general rule, requests for disclosure will be made by mail, and a fixed fee (1,000 yen per case) will be charged.

8.Handling of pseudonymously processed information

(1)  Creation of pseudonymously processed information
 ・ When we create pseudonymously processed information (i.e., Personal information that has been processed in such a way that it cannot be used to identify a specific individual by cross-checking with other information by taking the measures required by law), we will take the following actions.
 ① Appropriate processing should be performed in accordance with the standards stipulated by law.
 ② When pseudonymously processed information and deleted information related to the pseudonymously processed information are acquired, take safety management measures to prevent the leakage of information related to the deleted information, etc.
 ③ Do not act to identify the individual whose personal information was the source of the creation
 ④ Disclose the purpose of use of pseudonymously processed information
(2) Provision of pseudonymously processed information
 ・ We do not provide pseudonymously processed information (excluding personal information) to third parties except when required by law.
(3) Disclosing the purpose of use of pseudonymously processed information
 ・ When we create pseudonymously processed information, we will use it within the scope of the purpose specified in "4. Purpose of use of personal information", but when using the pseudonymously processed information for other purposes, we will publicly announce it here.

9.Contact for questions and complaints

The contact point for questions and complaints regarding the handling of retained personal data by the Company and disclosure requests stipulated in Section 7 of this policy is as follows:
General Affairs Department, Administration Division, Yachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd.