Dam Inflow and River Water Level
Prediction Services

Predictive learning system
with improved prediction accuracy
Used to support dam operation
and minimize flood damage


In recent years, climate change has caused rainfall to intensify, frequently resulting in serious damage around the world. The importance of support for accurate flood control in dams and early evacuation of river basin residents is increasing, and accurate forecasting information has become indispensable. Yachiyo Engineering's dam inflow forecasting and river level forecasting services implement a predictive learning system to improve prediction accuracy during operation.

Our Services

A predictive learning system for dam inflow and river level prediction

A predictive learning system for dam inflow and river level prediction Conventional prediction models in Japan predict rainfall based on historical rainfall experienced to date. However, with the impact of climate change, rainfall is expected to increase to levels never before experienced, putting limitations on building historical rainfall-based models. Thus, to ensure accuracy in dam inflow and river level predictions, we eliminate data environment disparities during the building and operation of our prediction models and train the model to learn the uncertainties in rainfall forecasts (defined as "prediction learning").


Highly accurate prediction data utilized in dam operation and evacuation support

Highly practical dam inflow and river level forecasting from uncertain rainfall prediction data using a predictive learning system based on deep learning

    ▶Reduces the burden on dam operators, provides support with the maximum effect for dam reservoirs, and ensures dam safety
    ▶Provides proper evacuation directives for residents downstream of the dam during emergency flood prevention operations in dam abnormalities
    ▶Reliable and prompt evacuation support in the event of swelling river levels
    ▶Can ensure sufficient lead time even in small watersheds, where rainfall reaches points in a shorter time

Easy to deploy

A model can be built immediately from normally measured dam inflow observation data and river level data

    ▶Predicted rainfall is selectable based on the target prediction lead time using data already delivered by the Japan Meteorological Agency and other organizations
    ▶Reduces initial costs and man-hours in deployment