Takahashi Tsutomu

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Realizing a better society for all through innovative solutions
and adapting to our ever-changing world.

President TAKAHASHI Tsutomu

Since its establishment in January 1963, Yachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd. has provided engineering services and expertise centered on infrastructure in Japan and around the world as an engineering consultant, guided by our management philosophy of "Respecting humanity and management by all members" and our motto of "Serving our clients with sincerity and diligence."

With the impacts of Covid-19, frequent natural disasters triggered by climate change, and increasing disorder in world affairs, circumstances have changed substantially over the past several years, and the business environment and our clients' needs continue to change rapidly. To be an indispensable company serving the world under these circumstances, the technology we have developed and continue to develop must be suitable to society not only in terms of infrastructure development, but also beneficial to the economy, industry, and quality of life of all people. Accordingly, our Medium-Term Management Plan, which started in July 2021, sets out 'Sustainability Management' as a companywide policy with a stronger resolve to achieve our ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) goals and the SDGs.

We will continue contributing to solving the issues and challenges faced by society by enhancing our organizational resilience, refining our existing technologies, and rising to the challenge of creating and exploring new, emerging technologies for the sustainable development of the world. Further, we will maintain reliability and transparency by strengthening our corporate governance and risk management systems--the foundation of our corporate management--in responding to the needs of society, and promote the creation of workplaces where each and every employee can find fulfillment in their work.

"Yachiyo" is taken from a Japanese phrase that can be translated as "contributing to human society for all eternity." Keeping the origin of our name in mind, we will continue our efforts to providing innovative solutions in consideration of the ever-changing needs and developments in our world to fulfill our mission of realizing a better society.