Innovative solutions for the society

The change in the environment means a change in values.
From population increase to global environmental issues,
new values for conservation/preservation were created,
as well as bringing to light new social issues.
What is required now is to face these combined issues and
proactively create new ways in addressing them,
which is a difficult task yet a worthy challenge.

Beyond our expertise of engineering consultancy,
our unique strengths rest in our vast stock of accumulated technologies and knowledge,
unprecedented and original problem-solving strategies and ideas,
and a noble vision that shall lead us into the next millennium.

All members of the company wish to march forward to sincerely face
and support those who wish for a brighter future,
enabling us to further innovate solutions for society.
We at Yachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd.
rise up to the challenge of realizing and creating
what the next millennium could become.

Management Philosophy

Respect for humanity and management by all members is the foundation of our company's philosophy;

To sincerely and genuinely conduct business that would earn our clients' trust, to improve capabilities and productivity through technology, to develop our business by building and increasing trust through outstanding work, and, ultimately, to contribute to society with reliable technologies and innovative ideas.