Renewable Energy

The spread of renewable energy
will make our society more sustainable.


Renewable energy is an important step in achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. In addition to the decarbonizing effect, renewable energy can also contribute to environmental and socioeconomic improvement, such as promoting regional development and more resilience. However, we cannot achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 simply by introducing renewable energy and decarbonizing energy. Based on reductions in energy consumption and shifting energy usage, we propose measures to utilize local renewable energy sources.

Our Services

Energy Consulting

We at Yachiyo Engineering are engaged in a wide range of activities to help our country achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, including development of energy visions, action plans for global warming measures, and other plans; feasibility studies, design, and construction management to introduce renewable energy in public facilities; and the introduction of renewable energy for environmental impact assessments.

Planning and vision development

・Developing implementation plans for global warming measures with an eye to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050
・ Establishing targets for deploying renewable energy with local renewable energy sources
・Formulating energy visions based on solutions to regional issues
・Proposing renewable energy initiatives that benefit the local community

Renewable energy feasibility studies

・Quantitative assessment of potential for introducing renewable energy
・Cost-benefit verifications for introducing renewable energy into specific facilities
・Visualization of renewable energy potential and positive zoning
・Support for consensus building on the use of renewable energy

Renewable energy design and construction management

・Assessment of project scale, cost, and profitability with an eye to deployment
・Formulation of basic plans taking into account laws, regulations, social conditions, etc.
・Basic design that serves as basis for equipment layout and community consensus building
・Design of renewable energy facilities, and confirmation of permits and approvals

Environmental impact assessment

・Environmental impact assessment related to laws and regulations for power generation projects from renewable sources such as wind, solar, hydro, biomass, and waste
・Environmental surveys, forecasting and evaluation, and other studies related to renewable energy

Related Information
Introduction Record

◆Energy Vision

・H29 Shiga Town Energy Vision Formulation Business Consignment Shiga Town Office (Ishikawa Prefecture)

◆Survey and Feasibility Study

・H30 Commissioned survey on the feasibility of energy business utilizing local unused biomass such as bamboo in Satsuma Kawauchi City Hall (Kagoshima Prefecture)

◆ Planning and Design

H29 Large-scale Improvement Plan Study for the Tainai No. 2 Power Plant (Niigata Prefecture)

◆ Technical Review (Due Diligence)

・ We have a large number of technical review experience in biomass and hydroelectric power generation as funded by the government