Community Development

Rebuilding relationships
in the community


It is said that it is necessary to rebuild relationships that support the lives of residents, such as local culture and connections within communities. We propose solutions and ideas to solve various issues faced by the community, such as the lack of people supporting local activities and businesses. As a company with abundant experience in community development and promotion of community involvement, we can help you solve your problems related to your local community.

Our Services

Providing community support services for businesses

Nowadays, as the economic situation in the region deteriorates, companies doing business in the region are being asked to play a greater role. Our services promote both sustainable community development and business activities by supporting companies to play an active role in their local community and creating new corporate and local relationships within. For example, offices and factories that were previously closed are now being used as regional bases. We support companies to become more active and to conduct sustainable activities in their communities.

Tourism business

・Branding/ marketing of local area
・ Creating authentic local travel experiences
・Repurposing and utilization of vacant houses (such as private lodging business, and restoration of old folk houses)

Experience business

・Creating local authentic experiences and activities for visitors to promote local culture, industries, etc.
・Planning and operation support
・Consignment of experience business operation

Agriculture, forestry, and fisheries

・Agricultural experience program
・Green tourism
・Product development of local specialties

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