Yachiyo Engineering joins the 10th World Water Forum Expo in Indonesia
~From 20 to 25 May, we will be at the Japan Pavilion to exhibit our technology~

Yachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd. will be participating as an exhibitor at the 10th World Forum Expo at the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center 1 (BNDCC 1) in Indonesia, as organized by the World Water Council (WWC). We will be having our exhibit at the Japan Pavilion with other Japanese exhibitors from both the public and private sectors.


With our diverse experience in the water sector in Indonesia (e.g., integrated flood control project in Jakarta, and integrated water resources development study in Bali), we will be presenting our expertise in disaster prevention such as flood control and wastewater-based epidemiology demonstration in Bali, and introduce our technologies which contribute to solving problems in the water sector, such as on 3D flow analysis, tsunami analysis, groundwater and topography analysis, and river waste monitoring (RIAD).


Furthermore, we will be giving three presentations with the theme of solutions in the water sector at the event space in the Japan Pavilion, scheduled as follows: i) 15:30 on May 21, ii) 9:10 on May 22, and iii) 12:00 on May 24.


・Event Outline・

Event Name      10th World Water Forum

Date & Time     May 20-25, 2024,  8:00-19:00

            Until 15:00 only on May 25

Venue                  Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center 1 (BNDCC 1)

Organizer          World Water Council (WWC)

Booth No.          A3 in ND19 (Japan Pavilion)


・About the World Water Forum・

The World Water Forum is one of the world's largest international conferences on water, where water professionals from around the world gather once every three years to discuss solutions to global water issues.

The Japan Pavilion at the 10th World Water Forum will be based on the following four concepts:

  •  1. History and future of cooperation with the Global South based on the Bandung Spirit
  •  2. Water for All and Water by All
  •  3. Engagement of the youth who will lead the next generation
  •  4. New technologies paving the way for the future