About public announcements on the purpose of use of personal information

Personal information acquired by the Company will be used only to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of Article 2 of the Articles of Incorporation of the Company.
The specific purposes for using personal information are as described below.

Yachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd.

Purpose of use for business execution
  1. Sales activities, contract procedures and performances for customers
  2. Contracts for the purpose of subcontracting design and survey work, procurement of materials and equipment, provision of services, and other related and incidental procedures
  3. Questionnaire surveys, on-site surveys, explanations of projects, etc., and obtaining consent, etc., for related residents, landowners, etc., in the execution of the contract work described in 1. above.
Purpose of use on the services provided by the Company
  1. Accept applications, verify the identity of applicants, screen applicants, and make related contact with applicants
  2. Customer inquiries, notification of and response to updates and changes in terms and conditions, etc.
  3. Obligation to report personal information of users under the non-life insurance contract
  4. Preventive measures and countermeasures such as acts that violate our terms and unauthorized access necessary for maintaining the safe operation of the service
  5. Service planning, planning, development, quality improvement, improvement, consideration of customer satisfaction improvement measures, etc., and questionnaires conducted for that purpose
  6. Improve the convenience of customers who use the service/li>
  7. Propose various services, provide information, and distribute advertisements to customers from the Company or third parties
  8. Various surveys, analysis, research, demonstration experiments, creation of statistical data, and marketing related to our business activities and market research
  9. After-sales service, maintenance of equipment, etc.
Purpose of use for company organization management
  1. Various applications, registrations, and notifications to government agencies, public service organizations, etc., necessary for the Company to carry out its business activities
  2. Identity verification and response to visitors to the Company and those who have been contacted by telephone, fax, email, etc.
  3. For the Company's recruitment activities and related and associated procedures
  4. For payment of remuneration, salaries, and bonuses to the Company's directors, employees, advisors, counselors, contractual employees, temporary employees, and part-time workers, and for various tax payment affairs, social insurance affairs, and other employment-related procedures
  5. Procedures such as social insurance affairs related to dependents of the Company's officers, employees, advisors, counselors, and contractors
  6. Post-retirement paperwork and contact regarding the Company's retired employees
  7. Procedures necessary for proper exercise of shareholders' rights
  8. Business management between the Company's group companies
  9. Public relations and research activities both inside and outside the Company
  10. Participation in various external group activitie
  1. Business activities conducted for legitimate purposes other than the above
Purpose of Article 2 of our Articles of Incorporation
  1. Various applications, registrations, and notifications to government agencies and public service organizations, etc., necessary for the Company to conduct its business activities
  2. Survey, measurement, analysis, evaluation, conservation planning and technical cooperation on environment, geology and soil
  3. Planning, construction, maintenance and operation of public and private facilities
  4. Development, design, sale, lease, and maintenance of communication equipment, electronic equipment, computers and related and peripheral equipment, software and systems
  5. Acquisition, licensing and sale of industrial property
  6. Power generation and energy supply business
  7. Surveying business
  8. Measurement certification business
  9. Worker dispatch business
  10. All businesses incidental to the preceding items