Fukaya Terrace Park Hanazono Interchange Hub Development Project

Chichibu Area’s Agriculture and Tourism Hub

Fukaya Terrace Park
Hanazono Interchange Hub Development Project

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Collecting our overall strengths to greatly contribute to the Hanazono Interchange Hub Development Project

Fukaya City in Saitama Prefecture is undertaking the Hanazono Interchange Hub Development Project that would establish a new tourism hub near the Hanazono Interchange on the Kanetsu Expressway to promote agriculture and tourism.
Within the total project area of 28.8 ha, two types of zones will be created: a “private zone” to attract vendors for an outlet mall (tourist gathering facilities) as a means of attracting customers from a wide area, and a “public zone” for developing initiatives to help promote agriculture and tourism while promoting exchange and collaboration among municipalities in the Chichibu area, and region-specific resources.
The public zone is integrated with the private zone, acting as an important space for connecting Fukuya with the towns of Chichibu while connecting their agriculture, tourism and other industries to revitalize the region. Due to the public zone's connecting functions, Fukaya City has developed the zone under the name "Fukaya Terrace," referencing a residential space connecting the indoors to outdoors, making free use of various materials such as bricks, tiles, and wood.
Yachiyo Engineering has supported the Fukuya City since 2010 and greatly contributed to the project, providing advisory services for solicitation, selection, and contracting for public-private partnerships (PPPs), basic planning and design of infrastructure, and area and facility management.

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We have implemented and supported three main initiatives:

1. Public-private partnership advisory services
In order to cohesively tie Fukuya Terrace and the private zone together, we provided support for the solicitation and selection of operators, and the development planning of the total area through a feasibility study aimed at soliciting private operators to undertake each project under PPP.
In addition, we supported the city in building a specific scheme for breathing life into the community as a whole, collaborative tourism with surrounding municipalities, and area management to help revitalize the region, and with formulating a maintenance and management agreement with private zone developers and operators.
2. Development of Hanazono Interchange Hub District
We supported the city in formulating a basic plan for efficient, cost-effective infrastructure development (land preparation, balancing reservoir, stormwater drainage, and green spaces) in the Hanazono Interchange Hub District, and implemented detailed design based on the basic plan.
In addition, we also carried out preliminary design of roads and intersections around the Hanazono Interchange Hub District, including consideration of dedicated traffic routes to manage traffic for visitors to the outlet mall who drive their own vehicles.
3. Design of the new Fukaya-Hanazono Station on Chichibu Railway
We designed the station building at the new Fukaya-Hanazono Station on Chichibu Railway, as well as the basic design, implementation design, and landscape design of the square in front of the station.
The station building is designed to blend in with the surrounding environment, using a gable roof with oversized eaves atop the entrance, in consideration of a platform for a steam locomotive, which is being used for sightseeing in the Chichibu region.

*Information as of September 2022.

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