Overcoming vulnerability to natural hazards through emergency communication system

Overcoming vulnerability to natural hazards through emergency communication system

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Development of a broadcasting and communication system as a disaster countermeasure in Jamaica

Situated in the Atlantic Ocean hurricane belt, Jamaica experiences frequent flood and sediment damage due to hurricanes and tropical storms as well as high intensity rainfall. The Government of Jamaica has made "Hazard Risk Reduction and Adaptation to Climate Change" as one of its development goals based on the national development plan "Vision 2030", and it identifies improving emergency response capability as an important policy goal. The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) under the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development cooperates with disaster observation agencies in implementing measures such as collecting and analyzing disaster information and issuing warnings. However, its current disaster prevention radio network lacks communications capacity and coverage. As a result, there have been problems with delays in the communication of warnings, grasping of conditions and implementation of countermeasures when disasters have occurred in the past. This Project aims to establish the base for realizing a fast and stable communication system when disasters occur, through constructing a nationwide digital radio network.

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Emergency warning and prompt instruction for evacuation when disasters occur

Disaster prevention radio network in Jamaica currently utilizes analog VHF radio system, however, this does not possess sufficient communications capacity or wave coverage for disaster prevention purposes and is in need of urgent improvement. Disaster-Emergency Communication System (DECOM) and the Early Warning System (EWANS), which will be introduced in this Project, will realize development of a digital wireless network to enable emergency communication and rapid reporting in the event of a disaster, and smooth communication of alarms and evacuation instructions issued by the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM). In addition, it is planned to build a nationwide network that integrates with the digital wireless network, using the trunk line IP microcircuit that is being developed by the National Works Agency as a backbone. It is expected that more public agencies and communities will use wireless communications as the number of wireless relay station increases and the coverage is expanded nationwide.

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Project Details

    Project : Project for Improvement of Emergency Communication System
    Client : Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM)