Preserving the beautiful beaches of Bali

Preserving the beautiful beaches of Bali

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Conserving the water environment

A lot of tourists from all over the world visit Bali island. Due to rapid tourism development, many tourism facilities such as hotels, restaurants and shops have been constructed and resulted in the increase of wastewater. It is a significant concern as wastewater directly flows into the river and sea which would lead to adverse impacts on the natural environment and residential areas.

Therefore, we conducted a project to develop and improve sewerage services especially in Denpasar, Kuta and Sanur, which are in high demand, and establishing the operation and maintenance system initiated by the local government, with the objective of improving the living environment and preserving the natural environment.

  • Advanced construction method for sewer pipe installation

Alleviating traffic congestion by improving the natural environment!?

The target areas were Denpasar, Kuta, and Sanur, which are known as the world's leading tourist destinations with more than 1.65 million visitors each year. Sewerage construction along the road would lead to traffic congestion, which is a problem for time-sensitive tourists and tourism operators. Therefore, we adopted pipe-jacking method to install sewer pipes in order to alleviate traffic congestion during the construction. The pipe jacking method is one of trenchless pipe laying methods that minimizes the impact on the surface of the earth, traffic, and businesses. “Trenchless” reduces the excavation area, shortens the construction period, and reduces the amount of soil generated during excavation, thus reducing soil transportation and making construction safer.

In addition, we contributed to the capacity development of the Regional Public Service Agency for Wastewater Management in Bali. They were able to learn the trenchless method themselves and continued to install sewer pipes by such method in other areas.

Nowadays approximately 140,000 people can access to sewerage service with our support for sewerage system development. We also designed the sewer networks and wastewater treatment plant for the third phase of the project. (Information as of June 2020)

  • Guidance on trenchless method for sewer pipe installation

  • Concept design for the third phase of sewerage system development

Project Details

    Field: Water Supply & Sewerage
    Country: Republic of Indonesia
    Duration: July 2009 - February 2015