Fostering human resources to play leading roles in industrial development in Indonesia

Fostering human resources to play leading roles in industrial development in Indonesia

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Development of Bandung Institute of Technology

Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), located in the center of Bandung City, West Java, was founded in 1920, which is a predecessor of technical high school. It is the oldest university in Indonesia, currently regarded as the most outstanding university of science and technology and has many interactions with Japanese universities as well as Asian countries. In recent years, Indonesia has made remarkable progress in the industry and ITB has played a central role in science and engineering education in the context of its social background, and it has fostered human resources to play core roles in government institutions and private companies.

However, with the growth of the country and the social conditions of fostering and securing more advanced engineers, it is necessary to improve the educational facilities in the university and learning materials. This is a Japanese ODA loan project with a total project cost of approximately JPY 7.8 billion for the purpose of improving educational facilities, of which approximately JPY 5.6 billion will be funded by Japan. Since 2011, as a main consultant of this Project, we conducted field surveys, design work, construction supervision work, and educational equipment procurement supervision work. We completed all works in 2018. The scope of our services is as follows:

■ Design and construction supervision of four new school buildings
■ Design and construction supervision of renovation work of four existing school buildings
■ Maintenance and construction work for the campus ICT network
■ Procurement/installation/operation instruction supervision work of educational equipment
■ Preparation/evaluation of bidding documents
■ Procurement of furniture (general classroom and laboratory fixtures)

  • New Center for Research & Community Service Building

  • New Center for Arts, Design & Language Building

  • New Center for Advanced Science, Mathematics & Astronomy Building

Building better education infrastructure

In this project, the main component consisted of construction of four new school buildings: 1) CRCS (Center for Research & Community Service), 2) CAS (Center for Advanced Science, Mathematics & Astronomy), 3) CADL (Center for Arts, Design & Language), and 4) CIBE (Center for Infrastructure & Built Environmental Engineering). All of them have reinforced concrete structures, pile foundations, and a basement floor and six to seven floors with total floor area of approximately 40,000 m2. The CRCS building has, in addition to general classrooms, multipurpose large halls and media centers that can accommodate about 400 people, large and small seminar rooms, community service centers, data centers and offices. The CAS building has a nano laboratory, an anechoic chamber, a reverberation room, a mathematics department, an astronomy department, a seminar room, large and small conference rooms, etc. The CADL building has a classroom for the Faculty of Arts, a creation room, an exhibition room, and a learning classroom for the Faculty of Languages. The CIBE building has a classroom for the Civil Engineering Department, a soil laboratory, a reaction force floor for structural experiments, a seminar room, and a professor room. Among them, there are special facilities that other universities in Indonesia do not have such as anechoic chambers/reverberation chambers in the CAS building, nano laboratory, reaction floors/walls for structural vibration experiments in the CIBE building. In the equipment procurement business, we procured and delivered approximately 600 types of equipment such as broadcasting equipment and language equipment in addition to equipment for marine engineering, road engineering, soil engineering, and water engineering.

The result of the university development is remarkable, and ITB is surely rising every year in the QS World University Rankings, from 122nd place in 2016, 86th place in 2017, to 65th place in 2018 in Asia.

  • Anechoic chamber

  • Reaction wall and floor for structural dynamic analysis

  • Nano laboratory

Project Details

    Project: Development of Bandung Institute of Technology (3)
    Client: Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Indonesia