Sustainable BOP (Base of the Pyramid) Business in Bangladesh

Sustainable BOP (Base of the Pyramid) Business in Bangladesh

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Exploring the potential of a new business model for water services

In Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, the Dhaka Water and Sewerage Corporation supplies piped water. But in slums where this water supply service is not available, people have to rely on distribution of drinking water by military water trucks and purchase from water vendors. There are still many issues regarding access to safe and clean drinking water. In Bangladesh, rickshaws are used by the local people as a daily means of transportation. However, in the Dhaka metropolitan area, rickshaws are considered to be one of the causes of traffic congestion, and the government is promoting policies to reduce the number of rickshaws. This regulation has led to an increase in unemployment of rickshaw drivers. The water business utilizing bicycle-mounted water purification equipment in the Dhaka metropolitan area is a new water business model that has contributed to the access of safe and clean water. It can also be one of the measures to provide job opportunities to rickshaw drivers. In order to evaluate the feasibility of the business model, we identified areas that have problems in access to water in the Dhaka metropolitan area, and checked the water supply conditions in those areas.

  • Existing water business

  • Rickshaws in Dhaka

Toward the establishment of a sustainable water business

In this survey, we collected information on the current conditions of water supply in the Dhaka metropolitan area, system and regulations regarding the production and sale of drinking water, and the current conditions of water supply services in slum areas, and evaluated the validity of the water business model. In addition, we conducted a baseline survey and follow-up survey for people in the slum area to evaluate the impact of implementing a water business in the slum area, and conducted hygiene education programs for them. Furthermore, we established a test plan for the water business as a pilot project, and verified the production, distribution, sales, personnel allocation, labor management, and cooperation with local partners for the implementation of business model. We also conducted financial analysis and formulated a financing plan and a business development plan based on the results of verification.

  • Interview survey in a slum area

  • Public awaress raising program

Project Details

    Project: Study on A Water Selling Business in Bangladesh using Bangladesh-made Bicycles loaded with Water Purifying Equipment
    Client: JICA
    Duration: December 2011 to February 2013