Revitalization of Yogyakarta rail station and pedestrianization of Malioboro

Revitalization of Yogyakarta rail station and pedestrianization of Malioboro

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Introducing private sector investment into transportation development

Yogyakarta City is the center of Javanese art and culture and a tourism area attracting crowds of people from both inside and outside the country. In the Malioboro area, there is chronic traffic congestion due to the increase in automobiles and obstruction of the sidewalk by motorcycles and stalls. However, no effective measures have been taken due to budget limitations of the Yogyakarta City Government and the provincial government. In 2005 and 2008, a survey was conducted to examine the feasibility of a public-private partnership (PPP) project. We participated in the project implemented by the BAPPENAS (Badan Perencanaan Pembangunan Nasional) using ADB (Asian Development Bank) fund from 2012 to 2014. In this project, we aimed for transit-oriented development (TOD), conducted plans for traffic regulations, road repair, parking areas and commercial development around stations, and reviewed the business plans in order to comprehensively implement this project under PPP.

  • Field survey scene

  • The current situation of heavy traffic and sidewalk parking

  • Stakeholder meeting


In this project, the following survey and plan were conducted for the PPP project in order to increase its value as a tourism area:

Stage 1: Preparation of business case report
We conducted a survey for the feasibility study of PPP project (institutional and legal analysis, technical validity, market demand analysis including market sounding survey, environmental and social study, modality analysis, economic and financial analysis, and required output specifications for project execution) and made a business case report.

Stage 2: Implementation of project preparation
As preparation for inviting and selecting a private business operator, we made documents including a term sheet, pre-qualification documents, and evaluation criteria.

  • Image of maintenance on Malioboro Street

  • Image of maintenance in front of Tugu Station

  • The current status of Tugu Station, a historical building during the Dutch rule

Sustainable development with respect for traditional culture and improving the attractiveness as an international sightseeing spot

In preparing the business plan and documents for the PPP project, we aimed for vitalizing the local economy and development with little environmental impact. We thoroughly considered how to attract a private proponent by showing the development concept and outputs for realizing this project utilizing funding and know-how of the private sector. Our business concept was as follows:

1) Implement orderly and unique development that respects for local traditional culture and improves the attractiveness as an international tourism area

2) Contribute to the increase of tourists and vitalization of the regional economy

3) Maintain the same quality for 30 years of project period in order to provide clean, safe and comfortable space for all people including tourists and the local people.

  • Planning for public space and commercial development around the station

Project Details

    Project: Revitalization of Yogyakarta Rail Station and Pedestrianization of Malioboro
    Client: Ministry of National Development Planning (BAPPENAS), Indonesia