Alleviating traffic congestion in Jakarta

Alleviating traffic congestion in Jakarta

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Construction of Tanjung Priok Port Access Road

The Tanjung Priok Port Access Toll Road, which is a part of the Jakarta Outer Ring Road (JORR), was opened in April 2017 through the utilization of Japanese ODA loan, about nine years after the construction started. Several Japanese companies and local companies participated in the construction, and the project was completed after overcoming various challenges. We were in charge from the beginning to the end of the project, i.e., from detailed design, bidding assistance, to construction supervision. Tanjung Priok Port is the largest commercial port in Indonesia, so this project was expected to improve access to the port, mitigate congestion in the surrounding area, which was crowded with container cargo, and reduce logistics costs. In addition, JORR, which connects the city of Jakarta in a ring, was expected to be effective in alleviating road congestion in the urban area.

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Construction applying Japanese technology

This expressway is a 6-lane road with a total length of about 12 km, and it was order to minimize land acquisition and it was also essential to secure an existing 4-lane general road. Therefore, approximately 70% of the total length was an elevated bridge section due to site restrictions and we proposed appropriate structures taking into consideration the site conditions. Precast PC-U girders, which can shorten the construction period and are excellent in economic efficiency, were adopted for the viaduct superstructure, and Y type piers were proposed for the substructure type to secure general basically planned within the existing road site area in road space under the viaduct. In addition, since this project was a STEP project, steel box girders were proposed and adopted for the superstructure in the section with a small plane curve on the assumption that Japanese technology would be utilized. We also conducted construction supervision work for two construction sections, which is about half of the total design section. In addition to supervision of quality, output and processes, as an agent of the client, we conducted construction supervision such as design changes in accordance with the conditions, road plan taking into consideration of existing roads, controlled the safety of workers and third parties by conducting a safety patrol jointly by the client, construction supervisor, and contractor.

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Project Details

    Project: Consulting Services for the Detailed Engineering Design and Construction Supervision of the Tanjung Priok Access Road Construction Project
    Client: Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing, Directorate General of Highways, Indonesia