Knowledge Notes ~ Learning from Japan's Experience in Integrated Urban Flood Risk Management~

Knowledge Notes ~ Learning from Japan's Experience in Integrated Urban Flood Risk Management~

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Cutting-edge information on urban flood management

The four-part series “Learning from Japan’s Experience in Integrated Urban Flood Risk Management: A Series of Knowledge Notes” was prepared by a World Bank team and Yachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd. This series of knowledge notes contains many of the key lessons learnt from Japan’s IUFRM efforts. While any strategy for reducing disaster risk must be developed based on a close understanding of local contexts, the aim of this series is to help members of the international community improve their own approaches to managing urban floods. Importantly, IUFRM considers multiple types of floods that may occur individually or in combination: river floods, surface water floods, and storm surge floods. These notes are not intended to provide a comprehensive analysis but rather a snapshot highlighting key aspects, practice, and lessons learnt from Japanese practice.

The four knowledge notes in this series cover urban floods from assessment and planning through the implementation and maintenance, in the following order:

1) Urban Flood Risk Assessment and Risk Communication
2) Urban Flood Risk Reduction Investment Planning and Prioritization
3) Designing and Implementing Urban Flood Risk Management Investments
4) Ensuring Sustainability through Operations and Maintenance

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Integrating Japanese knowhow

Floods are the most frequent and damaging natural disaster in the world. The World Bank has provided technical assistance, advisory services, and financial support to a wide range of countries and cities around the world in order to alleviate the impact of floods on people and economy. For countries seeking out the methods about advanced Integrated Urban Flood Risk Management (IUFRM), we provide an opportunity for knowing about Japanese experiences, which has faced various flood risks in the long history and tried finding various approaches. For preparing the knowledge notes, we gathered and analyzed Japan’s lessons by utilizing our rich experiences in this sector. Also, we provide consulting services related to planning and design of such as flood control, river improvement, urban planning, and green infrastructure development in the world with more than 400 experts. We have provided our advice and suggestions in the knowledge notes.

  • Tokyo's Meguro River, an urban river in Japan

Project Details

    Project: Development of Knowledge Notes: The Japanese Experience in Integrated Urban Flood Risk Management
    Client: World Bank
    Year: 2018-2019