Yachiyo Engineering's President elected as the Chairman of the Japan Society of Dam Engineers

The 32nd Ordinary General Meeting of the Japan Society of Dam Engineers (JSDE) was held on May 19, 2022. Then at the 84th Board of Directors Meeting of JSDE on May 26, 2022, Mr. Shigemitsu Demizu, President and CEO of Yachiyo Engineering, was duly elected as Chairman of the association.

About JSDE

In 1990 the Japan Society of Dam Engineers (JSDE) was founded with the main purpose of meeting the needs for dam engineering and progress so as to improve dam technologies in Japan. The association is composed of engineers and experts in various fields related to dam engineering. The activities of JSDE include the following:

    ∙ Survey research on dam engineering

    ∙ Holding academic conferences, research seminars, and symposiums, training sessions, and field trips, etc.

    ∙ International exchanges of dam engineering related technologies

    ∙ Publishing of academic journal

    ∙ Collecting and distributing information about domestic and international research activities, and conferences, etc.

For more information about the Japan Society of Dam Engineering, please visit their website (only in Japanese) at