Yachiyo Engineering exhibited its Smart Gas Network Concept at the National Science and Technology Fair 2023 in Thailand

Yachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd. participated in the National Science and Technology Fair 2023 held in Thailand from August 11 to 20, 2023, and exhibited its smart gas network concept utilizing CubiTan® at the Japanese Government Pavilion.

This event was hosted by the National Science Museum of Thailand and is held annually in August.

In recent years, due to COVID-19, the exhibition has been held on a smaller scale online, but this year it was held again in person. The fair featured pavilion exhibits by various organizations, including Thai science and technology-related institutions and companies, as well as embassies of various countries in Thailand.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, Mr. Don Pramudwinai, and the Minister of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation, Mr. Anek Laothamatas. During the event, CubiTan® was introduced to a large audience including students, staff, and parents from educational institutions across Thailand.


(Left) Japanese Government Pavilion members

(Right) CubiTan® Exhibition Booth

Exhibition Details

Our concept is to build a smart gas network to create a better and more comfortable life. The gas used at homes is either "City Gas" (mainly composed of methane), which is supplied through pipelines, or "Propane Gas" (mainly composed of propane and butane), which is compressed gas in cylinders and delivered by service providers. In many non-urban areas, propane gas is the primary energy source due to the fact that liquefying methane gas is much more difficult than propane gas. Therefore, it is necessary to use heavy and oversized gas cylinders for gas delivery, a method that has stayed the same for 100 years.

The next-generation high-pressure gas container, "CubiTan®", is being developed by Atomis Inc. It uses Porous Coordination Polymers (PCP/MOF) to control methane gas at the nano level, which was previously difficult to compress. This will lead to an innovation of downsizing and weight reduction of the current heavy and oversized gas cylinders.

figure 1.jpg

This concept will be realized through the joint venture of Yachiyo Engineering and Atomis. Our development goal is the creation of a smart grid for gas that does not depend on pipelines, by optimizing delivery and saving resources, and improving user convenience through the monitoring of remaining capacity.

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Yachiyo Engineering unveils its Smart Gas Network Concept at G20 Expo in Indonesia

Company Profile

Yachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd.

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President: Tsutomu Takahashi

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