Yachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd. Jointly Established New Company in Indonesia
- Expanding Business Opportunities for Contribution to Social and Economic Growth in Indonesia-

Yachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Taito-ku in Tokyo, President: Tsutomu Takahashi) has established a new company, PT. Infra Hijau Arkipelago (English: Archipelago Green Infrastructure, abbreviated as "InfraHijau", President: Ir. Endah Sri Rejeki, M.B.A.), in collaboration with PT. Rayakonsult (Head Office: Bandung City in West Java, President: Ir. Haji Erry Ryadi), and PT. INAKKO Internasional Konsulindo (Head Office: Central Jakarta, President: Ir. Sugarjito) in Indonesia.

The economy of Indonesia is rapidly growing, and various initiatives for sustainable development have been implemented in the fields of environmental protection, climate change, as well as infrastructure development related to the establishment of the new national captial city. The establishment of InfraHijau is the first step in the expansion of our business opportunities in Indonesia to proactively meet new demands with the significant economic growth in the future.

With our various project experiences in Indonesia, we aim to create new opportunities to contribute to Indonesia's society through the cooperation among three companies with InfraHijau.


New Company Profile/Business Activities

Company Name

PT. Infra Hijau Arkipelago
(English: Archipelago Green Infrastructure)
(Abbreviation: InfraHijau)


November 13, 2023


IDR 10,010,000,000.-


Yachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd. (67.067 % shares)
PT. Rayakonsult (20.020 % shares)
PT. INAKKO Internasional Konsulindo (13.013 % shares)

Board of Commissioners

President Commissioner : YAMANAKA Kenjiro (Yachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd.)
Commissioner: Ir. Fransiscus Xaverius Maryanto

Board of Directors

President Director: Ir. Endah Sri Rejeki, M.B.A.
Director: Ir. Muhammad Maliki Moersid, M.C.P.

Field of Services

1. Engineering and Technical Consulting Services
2. Management Consulting Services
3. Architectural Services
4. Interior Design Services
5. Forest Protection and Nature Conservation Services

Head Office

Graha Iskandarsyah Building, 11th Floor, Jl. Iskandarsyah Raya
No. 66C, RT.5/RW.2, Kelurahan Melawai, Kecamatan Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta 12160, Indonesia


Philosophy of Company/Corporate Logo

The company name, PT Infra Hijau Arkipelago (InfraHijau), comes from our vision and commitment to work on green infrastructure, which currently has gained great importance both internationally and domestically in Indonesia. The word "Arkipelago" (English: Archipelago) indicates that the company was established by Japan and Indonesia, each of them being an archipelagic country.

The logo illustrates the sun in the center which provides enlightenment to its surroundings. The four lines emanating from the sun depict our commitment to spread knowledge in all directions worldwide. The four outer circles represents soil, water, fire and air as the foundation for clean infrastructure which are the key elements for realizing a prosperous future.



President Commissioner: YAMANAKA Kenjiro
(Yachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd., Board Member, Director General of Business Planning and Development Division

The economic growth in Indonesia is accelerating, and the country's GDP is expected to become the fourth largest in the world in the 2040s, leading to transformations in the social structure and economic conditions in the country. New business opportunities are also emerging, such as infrastructure development related to the establishment of the new national capital city, and the achievement of the SDGs. InfraHijau will respond to these changes, focus on the local issues and needs, and provide sustainable and effective environmental-friendly solutions. At the same time, we aim to create new value for the future through our activities by contributing to the development of the society with strict legal compliance.


President Director: Ir. Endah Sri Rejeki, M.B.A.

We, InfraHijau, welcome you, engineers of Yachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd. who are proud of your professional engineering capabilities and eager to work abroad. Please come to Indonesia to work together with Indonesian engineers in realizing Indonesia's vision to become one of the world's largest economies by 2045. It will be your legacy in your life.


Shareholding Company Profile

PT. Rayakonsult

PT. Rayakonsult is a leading engineering consulting firm in Indonesia, with a wide range of business fields, and extensive experiences particularly in urban and rural development.

Head Office: Jl. Babakan Jeruk II No. 34 Bandung 40163, Indonesia

President: Ir. Tuan Insinyur Haji Erry Ryadi

Establishment: February 29, 1977


Business Fields: agriculture and rural development, irrigation and drainage, water resources development, river basin development, dam and headwork, aquaculture development, land reclamation, sea port, river engineering and flood control, industry development, environment, telecommunications, transportation, and urban development


PT. INAKKO Internasional Konsulindo

PT. INAKKO Internasional Konsulindo has extensive experiences in providing engineering consulting services for projects funded by various clients such as government agencies in Indonesia, and international agencies.

Head Office: Jl. Kramat Sentiong No. 46, Kel. Kramat, Kec. Senen, Jakarta Pusat 10450, Indonesia

President: Ir. Sugarjito

Establishment: November 13, 1997

URL      -

Business Fields: Project identification and introduction study, development of master plan and feasibility study, detailed design including preparation of tender documents, construction supervision, project management, initial operation and maintenance, and research, training and institutional development/improvement.